Warranty Terms & Conditions


The Warranty information

Our product is covered against any electrical and mechanical breakdowns for a minimum period of 5 years* starting from the pick up or delivery day (*parts and components that are sold separately are covered by a 2 year warranty) This warranty is limited to replacement parts only, as it is deemed to be a DIY product, and delivered to the customer ready for assembly/installation. No service costs are paid, and NO TECHNICIAN WILL BE SENT TO MAKE REPAIRS. In addition to the items mentioned, the warranty also includes any other items deemed to have suffered a defect by the fault of the manufacturers or makers. This includes tubs, walls, roofs, columns, original makers’ hoses, valves, computer control, transformer boxes, whirlpool pumps, and chassis. Your warranty starts from the day the product was delivered, not the day it was originally ordered.
Please note: The above warranty is only applicable to goods supplied and described as new. Floor demos, returned items, and overstocked products sold at lower than normal price are deemed to be covered as the items mentioned above, but with a 90 day limit.

Limitation of the warranty

All products must be tested as mentioned in the instructions for the item. Water leaks are not covered, as all products are made from impervious materials. Any leak found will always be the result of sealing problems. If a fault has been identified with the structure of the shower (base cracked, column split, etc.) causing a leak, this must be reported at the time of initial assembly and testing, as no negotiations can be entered into after the shower has been in use. Chips, dents, and scratches are not deemed to be the maker’s fault, and therefore must always be reported within the 48 hour period allowed from the delivery date. No replacement items will be given freely after this period. This must be borne in mind during the unit’s assembly, as all parts are at this point, and considered to have been, in good condition on delivery. Incorrect assembly, negligence on the installer’s behalf, changes to the manufacturer’s specifications, modifications, incorrect maintenance, lime scale / calcium build up, incorrect cleaning procedures or in-adequate / spasmodic water supply contributing to parts’ failure, and incorrect consumer use will result in voiding the warranty. Please note that you are not covered for consequential or incidental damages relating to any product part failure. This includes, but is not limited to, carpets, floors, ceilings, walls and other appliances. Flooding, electrical failure, and water ingress can all be avoided by following the instructions supplied with your product. Isolate your shower or bath from the main electrical supply as you would your TV when not in use, and again isolate the water supply at taps as recommended. Your product will also last longer, and you will go to bed happy and safe! Please note that all terms and conditions of the warranty are in addition to current merchandising laws and distance selling and consumer rights, not in place of them.


Returned Goods

Any returned Item must be accompanied with a return form. Our customer service department will authorize this subject to conditions and offer you a return number. NO PRODUCT can be returned without this and will be refused at the destination address. It is also very important to remember that NO GOODS are accepted for return if assembled, used, or have no return number. In addition to this, all boxes and packaging must be in the same condition as they were delivered in. The goods must be as new and in a position (sub. to reason of return) ready to be resold as so. Failure to adhere to this will result in costs to be incurred by the sender.