Our Difference

We started this company more than 10 years ago after experiencing first-hand the problems that come with a high-quality bathroom upgrade. We suffered through the pain points: monotonous cookie-cutter baths and showers with no extra features, tacky low-quality whirlpool Jacuzzis, inflated contractor quotes. Not to mention the foreign factories with limited support, no warranty, and suspect products.

We've seen the difficulties that come with creating your bathroom masterpiece, and we're here to help. That's why we offer:

Our showers, bathtubs, and home saunas are fit with advanced components, a sampling of which includes multicolored backlights, Bluetooth speakers, ozone cleaners, steam generators, massage jets, thermostatic faucets, circulation heaters, FM radios, and aromatherapy, 

If you're not quite sure what you're looking for, give us a call! Our expert team will help you figure out the right product for your needs. We will be there every step of the way.

We spend so much time in the bathroom. It's where we prepare for the day ahead, and where we wind down before a good night's sleep. It's where we retreat in solitary contemplation, and where we have our most creative thoughts. It's where we teach our children how care for themselves, and where we share intimate moments with the ones we love. Who wouldn't want to invest in that?

Empire Shower is based in Binghamton, NY, and is one of the country's leading wholesalers of innovative steam showers and baths.

There are over a dozen different steam shower sellers in the US. Most of their products look almost identical, so why should you choose us?



Why are our products better than the others?

Best Value For Your Money

1. High Quality, Affordable Price.

You might find a better product for a much higher price, or a cheaper product that’s much lower quality. But we offer a quality product at an affordable price. 

Most online retailers are one-day companies. They don’t carry inventory—they just order a container or two of the cheapest product from China and resell it. They don’t even bother to check the quality, or really know what they are buying. Once they sell, they are done. They stop interacting with the customer. They don’t have replacement parts, nor do they provide any support.

We have a long-term relationship with our factories, and our representative makes sure that we receive superior products. We individually source each product for quality and for customer-tested features. 

Our showers are made with thick, high quality, Acrylic and ABS-PMMA. The shower trays and bathtubs have an extra reinforcement and stronger frames made specifically for the US market. To ensure safety, all low voltage electronic components are separated from the high voltage components and heat sources.

2. Better Technology.

Safer and Easier.

Unlike those of many of our competitors, all of our showers and tubs are equipped with a mechanical water control. So even if your electricity gets cut, or the control panel fails, your shower does not become a useless closet. You can still take a shower or bath.

Unlike those of many of our competitors, our showers are equipped with a fully separated steam generator and control panel/module. The failure of the steam generator does not affect the other functions of the shower, nor does it compromise electrical safety. For convenient installation, the steam generator is designed for 220-240V 13 Amp (you can use existing 12 gauge wiring).

Most of our competitors use a 110-120V 26 Amp generator integrated with a low voltage control module. There are several problems with this. This is not electrically safe, and it requires expensive rewiring (you would need 10 gauge wiring). Furthermore, if the generator fails, you would not be able to use the shower.

3. Real Five-Year Warranty.

While shopping, chances are you’ve seen “10 year factory warranty” or “lifetime factory warranty.” Beware! These are usually scams. Chinese factories do not provide direct warranties to American-end users. Only dealers provide warranty support. So, a “factory warranty” actually means NO WARRANTY at all. Unlike other companies, we offer a real 5-year warranty.

If any part fails within 5 years, or if the shower is damaged on delivery, we will replace it for free. No calls to China, and no waiting on hold for hours; our tech support is available 24/7. Our warranty covers all electrical and mechanical parts. We can send the replacement parts, or even the whole shower within a very quick timeframe.

We have a showroom and a warehouse in Upstate NY. We have more than 500 units in stock and ready to ship.

Give us a call at any point in your search and our expert team will explain our products and figure out the best one for you.