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Welcome to Empire Shower, the premier American shower dealer. We offer the finest selection of luxury showers and bathtubs, specifically catered to the US market, with unbeatable customer support and a 5-year parts warranty.


We started this company more than 10 years ago after experiencing first-hand the problems that come with a high-quality bathroom upgrade. Where can you go to find a luxurious, high-quality shower or bath, at an affordable price-point?

We sell easy-to-install baths and showers that require no complicated plumbing and no complicated electrical work. Each of our showers can be assembled by two people over several hours. It can then be disassembled and transported to your new home if you move. 

What makes us different from other shower wholesalers?
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Our Features

Our showers are made with thick, high quality, Acrylic and ABS-PMMA. The shower trays and bathtubs have an extra reinforcement and stronger frames made specifically for the US market.

Our features are individually sourced to provide a luxurious experience. Most of our showers and baths are equipped with LED lights, in-line heaters, massage jets, touchpad thermostat and controls, Bluetooth audio, a rainfall shower setting, and more! 

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All of our showers and tubs are equipped with a mechanical water control, and a separated control panel and steam generator. This means that if your electricity gets cut, you can still take a shower!

For convenient installation, the steam generator is designed for 220-240V 13 Amp (you can use existing 12 gauge wiring). NO EXPENSIVE REWIRING! 

Our advanced technology creates a safer and more convenient mechanism. 


Massage Jets and LED lights

Our bathtubs and showers are fit with Massage Jets and Color-Changing LED lights

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Steam Generator

Our models use a powerful Steam Generator to replicate the sauna experience in your own home! Enjoy the steam while listening to your music playlist using the Bluetooth Audio, or chat with your friends on your phone.