The Double Bath Tub

The Double Bath Tub


59.5” x 59.5” x 22”
250 lb.
w/extra: Stainless steel frame

* Latest design with all upgrades below - white color
* 3 pcs small jets each side under pillow (Total 6Pcs)
* 6Lateral Jets 
* 5 Big Jets +2 Jets 
* Hand Held Shower Wand included
* Two (2) Soft Padded Waterproof Pillows included (Removable)
* 1.5kW inline heater and bubbles
* 1HP Whirlpool pump
* 1/4 HP bubble air pump
* 1.5KW 120V 12A circulation heater
* Underwater chromatic light, thermostatic faucet and hand shower

* High quality acrylic body reinforced with fiberglass and stainless steel frame

* 240v. (standard US power)

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