The Miranda Tub

The Miranda Tub


w/extra: Stainless steel frame

* Latest design with all upgrades below - white color
* Water Jet Pump included +7Adjustable Massage Jets + 8 Powerful Back Jets
* Air Bubble Pump + switch included = 8 Air Jets with 250W pump
* Hand Held Shower Wand included
* Soft Padded Waterproof Pillows included (Removable)
* Ozone water cleaner included (to kill any mold, viruses, bacteria from forming)
* Waterfall Faucet included
* Underwater LED Lighting included (12v DC power saving)
* Deluxe Computerized LCD screen control panel included (there are several available but we install the highest quality available with LCD screen and full functions)
* Water Level Sensor included
* FM Radio with Speaker included
* Faucet to ensure precise water temperature
* Underwater LED Light - Chromatherapy LED lighting installed inside the tub to enhance lighting effects (changes color)
* Leveling legs are on bottom of tub to ensure the tub sits perfectly level
* Leakage protection
* Power Requirements: 110v, 60hz (standard US power).
* Weight: ~250lbs

* Acrylic and ABS compound material with 3 layers glass fiber reinforcement with stainless steel frame.
* The tub is reinforced with wooden board, extra layer of fiberglass and stronger stainless steel frame.

* Ozone, or "active oxygen" is a natural, safe yet powerful purifier that destroys viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew as well as purifying many other contaminates that can build up in your steam shower.

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